Whatever the space limitations, your specialist for compact & robust industrial vacuum/extraction units for 24x7 operations

The unique Ries industrial vacuum + extraction sytems are of compact size, designed for individual work stations, workshops, factories, as well as for production and assembly lines or wherever space is limited. Ries builds smaller than all competitors. The extraction units have been designed to be as compact and small as possible without compromising the filtration performance or the suction power. Furthermore Furthermore the Ries extraction systems are user-friendly, have low maintenance costs and also low running costs.

A unique product of German and Swiss precision engineering, these vacuum / extraction units have been designed for industrial applications, where large volumes of any kind of dust, ferrous & nonferrous chips, shavings, swarf, particles, fumes, crumbs, chemical & pharmaceutical powders, as well as other waste products need to be extracted from the manufacturing process.

If you are interested, or need any help in solving a difficult extraction problem, please call (+41 44 939 33 33) or write to John Lienau at info@p-ries.ch

Product capabilities:

  • Compact design for smallest spaces (best in class)
  • Long lifetimes w/ spare parts warranty (aspirators built 40 years ago are still running)
  • Universal usage at individual work places or in manufacturing & production facilities
  • Effective filter cleaning either during running operations or after shut down using our Ries filter flushing system
  • Robust models for 3 shift 24x7 ongoing operations
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Special high safety applications also for explosive dusts/environments in accordance with EU ATEX explosion protection norms 94/9/EG + 2014/34/EU
  • Service support 360 days a year

Areas of expertise:

  • Automotive & associated supplier industries
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical & cosmetics industries
  • Food, beverage and liquor industries
  • Packaging & package machine building industries
  • Other machine & plant/factory building industries
  • Dental laboratories
  • Orthopedic specialists
  • Mechanical & associated professions
  • Plastics processing industtries
  • Ship building professions & industries
  • Watch & jewel manufacturing industries
  • All other metal working industries & professions

Ries new development: Strong/compact extraction unit type ATE+FE with powerful vacuum


Ries Vacuum Unit Typ ATE+FE


Compact Vacuum Unit type 4000/3 ATE+FE mit two 3 staged turbines (double turbine system)

This industrial extraction unit with twin turbines is a very good example for a compact Ries unit made for 24x7 ongoing operations. Because of the low hight and the compact dimensions (L 900 x W 400 x H 400 mm), this vacuum unit can be well integrated into any machine (e.g. machine bed) or underneath a work table. The strong vacuum unit with the twin turbines (630 m³/h, 230 mbar) and the filter housing with the large cartridge filter can also be used with both parts seperately set up by simply using longer tubing, which gives even more flexibility, when faced with the Problem of restricted spaces. A simple filter cleaning system using pressurized air is part of the basic model.

Optionally, there is also an automatic Jet-Pulse filter cleaning System, using the patented Ries "Drehfilterspülung" ® (=turning filter cleaner). It is also possible to get the ATE+FE in a weaker version with only one 3 stage turbine (321 m³/h, 230 mbar). With a height of 380 mm, this version is even more compact.

Ries new development: Compact deduster type 220 AA for highest volume flow rate 1000 m³/h



Ries Deduster Type 220 AA with high  volume flow rate

Ries compact deduster 220 AA with 1000 m³/h

With the help of consequent optimization steps and well thought through engineering, the Ries team was able to develop a very compact deduster (W400 x D430 x H560 mm), which in spite of its size, had a very high volume flow rate of 1000 m³/h.

Such impressive performance values were only possible, because the Ries engineers used flow dynamics to calculate the positioning of air flow deflectors inside the deduster, which enable the build up of a very strong cyclone.

With the introduction of the 220 AA, the Ries product family has a new premium quality compact deduster in its program. We will be glad to tell you more of our unique compact dedusters. Please write or give us a call.

Ries new development: Industrial deduster type GLSB w/ integrated polishing/grinding machine (ideal for limited spaces)

Ries industrial vacuum unit type GLSB w/ integrated polishing / grinding machine

Ries compact solution type GLSB with integrated polishing / grinding machine

Whenever there is not enough space in the mechanical workshop or in the factory, this very innovative compact solution of the Ries engineers has proven to be very helpful. The grinding dust is directly sucked into the deduster below via the short tubes. The deduster itself has a big cartridge filter with 4 m² surface area. Built into the cartridge filter is the patentented Ries Jet-Pulse "Drehfilterspülung" ® (turning filter cleaner), which very effectively blows compressed from the inside of the filter to the outside, thus removing the clogged up dust from the filter surface. Inside the deduster a cyclone develops which enables good volume flow rates.

The industrial deduster type GLS B itself is built very compactly (W400 x D430 x H910 mm) and the mounted grinding machine has the dimensions W880 x D350 x H310 mm. This solution is also possible for belt grinding machines. Our patented "Drehfilterspülung" ® belongs to the basic configuration.

New development: 2'nd smallest industrial vacuum unit type Z

2'nd smallest Ries industrial extraction unit type Z

2'nd smallest industrial vacuum unit Type Z


This industrial vacuum unit with an integrated cyclone separator is a good example of a very compact and effective extraction unit for 24x7 ongoing operations. With the dimensions of W210 x L430 x H420 mm this unit can be very well integrated into machines, restricted work spaces or anywhere, where  limitations to space, size and room exist.

Type Z is available with several useful options, such as a filter vibrating system for cleaning, special Absolut filters in HEPA H13 or H14 for dangerous dusts, and compact frequency inverters for regulating the speed and suction power.