Ries Industrial Vacuum Units for continuous 24x7 operations ...

These are unique industrial vacuum sytems of compact size, designed for individual work stations, workshops, as well as for production and assembly lines. The units have been designed to be as compact and small as possible without compromising the technical performance.

A product of German and Swiss engineering, these vacuum / extraction units have been designed for industrial applications, where large volumes of any kind of dust, ferrous & nonferrous chips, shavings, swarf, particles, fumes, as well as other waste products need to be extracted from the manufacturing process.




Ries Turbines and Ventilators Dust extraction units for very fine dust

Neuentwicklung Industriesauger Typ Z

Fine dust shortens the life of a filter substantially, and also reduces suction power.

This problem is effectively prevented with our industrial sunction units. Due to the calibration of air flow rate, air volume, filter size, and internal aerodynamics, our ventilator units are able to achieve long filter lifes.

Furthermore our patented rotary filter flushing device has been integrated into the cartridge filter. Highly pres- surized air is forced through the cartridge at regular intervals, thus enabling efficient filter cleaning and continuous high suction power without having to stop the machine.

Due to the modular structure of our machines, we can offer many different variations, which can be tailored to meet the unique specifications of our customers. Air flow rates between 100 and 8'000 m3/h are possible.