Industrial Vacuum System Type 500 D/560 X


High Flow Rate
+ großes Vacuum





Description:Equipped with 800 liters sizes of containers are not much size of quantities suction property a problem. The efficient filter flushing, the size of flow rate and the high Vacuum make this type the Allrounder for many applications. Equipped with a frequency static frequency changer of the superlative the achievement can be adjusted steplessly to the needs accordingly.
Motor Performance:3x 380-415 V   8 kW   16.8 A  (UL)
Amount of Air:8000 m3/h max.
Vacuum:60 mbar max.
Container Volume:800 Liters
Filter, Surface, Quality:Cartridge Filter 20-32m2, BIA: C (M), antistatic
Filter Flushing:Rotary filter flushing - pneumatically - manually
Filter Monitoring:Differential pressure - LED indicator
Dimensions:B1200 x T750 x H4100mm
Options:Pipe Union Ø80,100,120,150,200,250mm
Automatic Filter flushing
Stainless steel version available
Absolute, Activated charcoal filter
More options on request